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Name: Elvis
Height: 195 Weight: 195
Jackets: 44 R
Slacks: 33
Shirt: XL
Shoe: 11
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Bio: Caesare is an international, award-winning Elvis Tribute Artist. Caesare is a versatile performer with the ability to depict each era of Elvis` life. From the early Gold Lame` and fun songs of the movie years to the raw black leather of the `68 Comeback and the legendary Vegas years, Caesare maintains a performance of incredible authenticity. Caesare`s look, sound, and charisma are second to none. He is the ultimate tribute of the man who revolutionized the American popular music and became the most famous entertainer ever! It`s now or never to let Caesare be a hunka-hunka burnnin love on your website.


"Putting a live actor on our site was the best move...


- Don Jorgenson