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Name: Bill F
Height: 200 Weight: 200
Jackets: 44
Slacks: 34/32
Shirt: 16/35
Shoe: 13
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Bio: The true definition of the term, "Jack of all trades, master of Jack squat", Bill has never been able to find a short answer to the question, "What do you do" The shortest to date is anything and everthing under the humungous broadcasting/communications/entertainment/creative umbrella! Most recently, Bill is known in the world of sports and entertainment as a talk radio host as well as a sports writer/editor to Creative Loafing. Bill can be anything from a sarcastic ham-bone to a straight-laced preppie as his eclectic resume and life experiences will attest.


"Putting a live actor on our site was the best move...


- Don Jorgenson