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Name: Will
Height: 240 Weight: 240
Jackets: 50
Slacks: 32
Shirt: 16
Shoe: 13
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Bio: WILL has been a performer for over 40 years! He has performed throughout the state of Ohio as well as New York City. He has juggled theater and music around his 26-year career as a firefighter and paramedic. Primarily a stage performer, he is full of experiences that he shares with his audiences that make them laugh, cry and reflect on their own lives. He teaches and inspires by word and song. WILL`S last performance was in Laughlin, Nevada where he performed in The Talent Quest National Karaoke Contest. WILL is also an award-winning Toastmaster and has been hired to emcee many events. Looking for positive results for your website? Just remember, where there is a "Will" there is a way.


"Putting a live actor on our site was the best move...


- Don Jorgenson