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Frequently Asked Questions

This category contains our frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers. If your issue is not covered within this category, please do not hesitate
to contact us!

How long does it take to get my new video?

Normal turn around time is 7-10 days, once the script is received or written. If we are writing the script for you, an additional 3-5 days are needed.

Can I put the video any where on my site?

Yes, however, you can not put our videos over hyper links on your site. The design of our player will not allow the covered links to be accessed. Since the video player is a Flash component, it is recommended that you do NOT place it on top of any other Flash components, as some web browsers do not support this. See also Known Issues.

Can I have special additions and deletions to the video player?

Yes, you can. Please call and specify the addition or deletion you would like and we will give you a price quotation.

Are there any fees for hosting the video?

When placing your order on the order form, please specify how you would like the video to be delivered. You may host your own video, we can host your video on our server for a monthly charge of $12.99.


Please note, that we only allow the video to play on (1) page of (1) website. If you wish to play the video on multiple pages or websites, we will release the FLV to you at no charge.

Can I host the video on my server?

You may host your own video, or we can host your video on our server for a monthly charge of $12.99.

Do you provide instructions for installing my new video?

Yes, we do. Along with your completed video, we provide simple installation instructions. Your web designer or technical liaison with HTML and or Java Script knowledge is the best person to assist you if you are uncertain. We are happy to install your video for you for a fee of $75.00. Please contact us for details.

Can I regulate how often the actor walks out on my site?

Yes, you can. You can have your visitors view your web spokesperson videos at intervals you choose. The player will still display itself, however the video will not autoplay. Please contact us for details. See Cookies.

Do I need to change my web design?

No. Our proprietary video players are transparent and lay over your current web design.

How many words should my script contain?

  • 30 Seconds = Approx. 80 Words
  • 60 Seconds = Approx. 160 Words

Who do I contact for assistance with actor selections?

Please contact our Talent Coordinator, Terri McAfee for assistance in selecting just the right actor for your production.

What if I need an actor I don’t see listed in your actor store?

Please contact our Talent Coordinator, Terri McAfee for assistance in selecting just the right actor for you. We will do our very best to find exactly what you are looking for.

Can I send in special props and wardrobe?

Yes. Please let us know what you will be sending so we may incorporate it into your video. We have a large selection of costumes and props. Please contact us for a quotation and details. We go the extra mile to find everything you need!

Can you help me write my script?

Yes. We have a professional script writer on staff ready to assist you. A 30 second script is $175.00 and a 60 second script is $260.00.

Do I have to use one of your actors?

No. You can use a spokes person of your choice. You can them come to our studio or you can have the video shoot in another studio.

** Please contact us for more details.

Do I have to use your studio?

No. We have the ability to edit the video that is shot in another studio. We will need the video in an uncompressed MOV or DVAVI format. Please contact us for more details.

** We do not guarantee the quality of the edit because we did not shoot the video.



"A live actor was the best idea...

...that I have ever had. The cost was cheap compared to the profits that were produced from having the walk out actor. I got to configure the actor, that best fitted my site, and then within a week, it was already walking out on the site. It was so easy!"

- Steve Fisherman