This category covers the majority of questions that pertain to the initial installation of our products. If your question is not covered within this category, please do not hesitate to contact us!

I just received the video instructions email! Now what?

First of all, Welcome and Thank You! To get your new video on your site, you will need to be able to access the HTML code of your site. Most hosting companies (the company who keeps the files shown on your website), provide you with either an FTP account or some web-based means to edit your code. Please check with your particular provider for that means of accessing your HTML code and/or files.

I see my HTML code! Now what?

Outstanding! Let's summarize the two "parts" of the code you will be working with.

  • <HEAD>
  • <HEAD>

The two "parts", known as "HTML Tags" are the only two areas of code in which the average user will need to edit. If you aren't an experienced web-designer, don't worry. These edits are extremely simple and require virtually no knowledge of HTML. It's merely a copy and paste from the initial video instructions email you received.

Determining where to "Paste" the code.

The two "tags" previously mentioned should be relatively simple to find, once you're looking at your code. However, in case you are having trouble here are some tips and tricks that should help you locate the "tags":

  1. The tags are always near the top, and always before the tags.
  2. Both the and the tags have "closing" tags which correspond. For example, to put something in the , you must paste it between the and tags. Same with the
  3. Most WYSIWYG editors will provide you with a button you can click to view the code/HTML.
  4. Most editors, code or WYSIWYG based; will let you do a "search" or "find" through the code. Usually it is {CTRL + F} or {CTRL + ALT + F}. Just do a search for or when viewing your code.
  5. If you do not like the tool/editor your website provider provides you with, Notepad++ is a wonderful choice that is free for PC users.

A quick view of the final result.

This is an example of what your code will look like after insertion. Please keep in mind that this is only an example. Your code will slightly differ.


"A live actor was the best idea...

...that I have ever had. The cost was cheap compared to the profits that were produced from having the walk out actor. I got to configure the actor, that best fitted my site, and then within a week, it was already walking out on the site. It was so easy!"

- Steve Fisherman