Live Actor Support

Known Issues

There are a couple limitations you may encounter and we feel it's best you know of them before you purchase our product.

Hyperlink Covering

Our video player, when placed over normal HTML hyperlinks, render them "un-clickable". Even though our videos are ran with "Windowed Mode" enabled (a Flash variable that makes the video backgrounds transparent, there is still video footage present. It is merely transparent. This can be resolved by intuitive video placement.

Active X Control Stacking

Media is becoming more popular on websites today. Video, audio, interactive games, for the most part are embedded in your websites by using what are known as "Active-X Controls". These controls require users to install/download a plug-in if they do not already have it. Adobe Flash is an example of an Active-X Control.

The biggest issue for website owners and designers alike is the cross-browser incompatibility or differences. Some browsers, or specific versions of browsers will not let the developer "stack" Active-X Controls - others will. But there is one thing about web media you must always remember: You need to design your appearance for everyone.

SCENARIO: Your website has other flash components scattered throughout. These could be banners, buttons, menus, moving logos, etc. In some browsers, when your Live Actor walks out, he/she will walk out "behind" those components. This issue can be resolved by intuitive video placement.


"A live actor was the best idea...

...that I have ever had. The cost was cheap compared to the profits that were produced from having the walk out actor. I got to configure the actor, that best fitted my site, and then within a week, it was already walking out on the site. It was so easy!"

- Steve Fisherman